Athile Technologies

Delivering visualization technology for the web and desktop.

Athile Technologies is a technology consulting company. We focus on challenging problems in visualization both on the web and the desktop. The small team is composed of software engineers with a passion for technology both in its theory and practice who are committed to delivering only well-designed, elegant solutions.

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Tools & Technologies

JQuery Plug-ins  &  Javascript Libraries

Development Libraries

Web Tools

These are the freely available tools and technologies from Athile Technologies. They are all at various stages of development and completeness. If you have interest in any particular technology, please contact us to suggest features, design changes, documentation improvements, or the mere polish necessary to make the tool more readily useable for your particular project.

We are anxious to improve tools that we know are being used!

Research & Labs Projects

Simulation Engines

Component Technologies

Asset and Information Management

Proof-of-Concept Applications

The research and labs projects within Athile Technologies represent more ambituous, more volatile, and often less complete projects within the company.

Information available on these projects is highly subject to change.

Company Information

Athile Technologies focuses on visualization and intellectually challenging software engineering problems. The company's primary expertise and experience is in C++ and Javascript. Whenever possible we strive to produce open source and freely available information and technology. Our day to day priorities are on realizing our client's vision fully, but we maintain a long-term objective of contributing further knowledge and resources to the community at large.

Athile Technologies is excited about engaging in more projects, so please contact us with project proposals.

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