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Normal Maps: WIP

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For the record, the below image is not yet correct, but here’s a first-pass at normal mapping in LxEngine:

The tangent vectors are calculated by GLGeom. The algorithm I’m using is somewhat…custom. I haven’t seen an implementation similar to how I’m attempting it – and thus suspect that I’ve missed a key point or two. That’s okay, however – this is for fun and to learn something.

The basic approach is to define a function F(p,v) = dUV, a function that takes a point on the surface of the mesh and a direction vector and returns the change in UV at that point in that direction. If we constraint this function to only be valid at vertices of the mesh (which is fine, since we’re only going to use this function at vertex points), then we can define F(p,v) as the weighted average of all the edges adjacent to the vertex at p – with the weights corresponding to the dot product between v and the direction of that edge. ┬áSo if we have F(p,v) defined, that we can find tangent and bitangent by finding directions v where F is at a local maximum. This can be done by simple calculus: where the derivative of a function is 0, it is at a local maximum or minimum. Given that F(p,v) is a fairly simple weighted average, the derivative is not complex and solving for where it is 0 is not complex. Thus we end up with the directions in which U increases most and V increase most…which, until I locate the flaw in my understanding of the problem, are theoretically the tangent and bitangent directions.

We’ll see. For now, I have compiling code and a screenshot. That’s enough for today. Testing and debugging will follow :)

Written by arthur

April 13th, 2012 at 8:19 pm